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Want easy accommodation access? MyKey searches vetted, positively rated, professionally-managed hotels and furnished accommodations in one location on, allowing you to compare options with a click.

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Do you know what you are renting? All properties on MyKey are vetted to meet our service, quality, and regulatory standards. From secure check ins, to insurance coverage, and emergency support, there are no surprises when you or your client arrive.

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Tired of hidden fees and conflicting prices? When you book at, you pay what the provider offers directly, with the confidence that you will get what you see online. There are no hidden fees, just look and book.

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We are your key to secure immediate and temporary housing, where and when your policyholders need it most.
No time to search? Let us do it for you.

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Become a Partner

From reaching new clients, to managing bookings, and simplifying your tracking and reporting, MyKey is designed to help your properties succeed. How do you find your next client? Let us do it for you.

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Masterkey is a great example of our service partners adapting in response to the evolution of global mobility. Their temporary housing platform is an innovative solution for companies that rely on temporary housing solutions as part of their talent mobility toolkit.

Steven Cryne, President
The Canadian Employee Relocation Council - CERC