MyKey is the largest network of independently owned and operated corporate housing, serviced apartments and hotels accessible in a single platform. Business clients can access reliable, peer reviewed corporate housing options from anywhere, anytime.

Look and book

Look and Book

MyKey's innovative online booking platform has changed the way businesses find corporate accommodations. We've developed our website to eliminate the frustrating "Ask and Wait" model of short and long term business accommodations to a "Look and Book" platform that non-business clients already enjoy.

Our Story

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MyKey was inspired by Gordon Doell, the founder and CEO of The OBASA Group of companies.

The OBASA Group has successfully operated in Canada and the USA for the past 25 years with tremendous success in the corporate housing, commercial and residential real estate development markets.

Doell has always advocated for industry standards and has expressed a deep confidence in the collective strength of his esteemed peers operating in their respective markets.

Our rapidly growing company is committed to innovation, alignment of "best-in-class" service providers and a focus on the E.A.S.E. of doing business.

In today's global economy, clients are leaning towards single solution that can offer a global or multi-national temporary accommodation service. This has led to wholesaling, online booking engines and other aggregators. The added layers have driven cost up and service down. Clients wanting a one source for all their accommodation needs, in every market, also expect on the ground expertise and personal touch. In addition, clients need to be able to secure accommodations faster, and for less money.

Doell immediately recognized this as an opportunity to offer clients a one source e-commerce solution that is Easy, Affordable, Safe and Enjoyable through the use of cutting edge technology, smart real estate transactions and a formal coalition of the best accommodation providers and operators in each market.

In February 2015, Doell hired industry veteran Elle Crane to align OBASA Suites with best-in-class service providers across Canada and create a network of industry leaders ready to adapt to the rapidly changing environment in our industry. In December 2015, Doell added another industry veteran, Daniel Hodgman, to respond to the high level of interest from US and International operators keen to join MyKey.

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Within the first year, MyKey is able to offer accommodations in the 46 top markets in Canada and is now expanding to include the top 35 markets in the United States, and 96 additional top markets globally, by the middle of 2016.

Our vision

Our Vision

To elevate the reputation of the Corporate Housing and Serviced Apartments Industry as a viable segment of the lodging industry through best practice standards and cutting-edge e-commerce technology, increasing the speed in which we do business.

Our mission

Our Mission

To provide best match accommodation solutions and exceptional service with E.A.S.E., making every MyKey experience Easy, Affordable, Safe and Enjoyable.